SCARLET GRACE (screenplay)
A drama, with a mysterious storyline that twists and turns until the truth finally unravels. With two strong female characters, both vying for the role of protagonist, this is a story about life and death, truth and deception, love and redemption.



GENTLE BEND (tv-series)
The story of a small town and it's eclectic inhabitants; seen primarily through the eyes of Ben Dalton, a city born Christian, who relocates to Gentle Bend after discovering his wife's unfaithfulness.  Ben deals with the adjustment of being single and of small town living.  Ultimately, through the cast of others, Ben finds his character bending in ways he never thought possible.



A show that centers around the life of a young man named Morley, a shape-shifter who has the ability, simply by touch, to see the exact method and time of a person's unexpected death. He can then assume the form of something that he sees during the individual's last living moments, and subsequently alter the course of events...if he so chooses.  A 'gift' such as this, comes with both short and long term effects, one of which is, that the constant mutations are causing Morley to age more quickly than normal. Does Morley continue to use his unique talents to save others' lives at the risk of shortening his own life?



THE WRITER'S BLOCK (web-based series)
This show documents the process of two writers during their writing sessions, in which  ideas are discussed, characters are created, and scripts are being developed.  Using footage from actual writing sessions and candid interviews, The Writer's Block, is as real as it gets; unscripted, unrehearsed, and definitely uncensored.  If you've ever wondered what it's like to create a television show from the ground up, this is one series you have to watch.

•Currently, Season One of THE WRITER'S BLOCK is in production.  Watch the trailer and available Season One episodes here.



THE AUDITION (tv-series)
This show is rooted in the explosive reality of the highs and lows that entertainers experience: the hope, anxiety, fear, instability, rejection, and uncertainty.  You will witness those who keep going when there appears to be no reason, and you will see others quit at the first sign of failure.  Some of the actors will help their comrades through hard times, while others will do whatever they can to derail the competition.  This show also balances the artistic aspects with the business aspects of possibly the toughest industry known today. Ultimately, THE AUDITION showcases the pursuit of excellence and will encourage viewers to reach for the stars in their own life.



THE KILLER BE'S (tv-series)
The Killer Be's is a half hour comedy series, in thirteen episodes, that chronicles the life of Christine; an almost middle-aged woman who is trying to avoid settling down by careening toward men whom she clearly shouldn't. Fuelled by her fear of commitment and narcissistic ways, Christine should probably be in therapy, but instead relies on her three best friends (a bittered, married woman, a closet lesbian and a chauvinistic, older male writer) to guide her. The series cycles through the various men in her life and the lessons that she learns. Unbeknownst to her many suitors, Christine has a hidden agenda.  She is chronicling her romantic pursuits so that she can write a best-seller about her adventures.  Is it possible that one of these men could BE the right one for Christine?  And if so, could that perfect relationship BE destroyed if her secret is discovered?


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